Quite often, a solid sport coat feels odd.  A blazer, while one of the most versatile tailored garments ever invented, can feel stale if worn too frequently.  The idea of a checked sport coat is exciting to most clients.  There isn't a rhyme or reason to why they can work so well, but sometimes its simply that it's not solid colored.  There's depth in plaids, window-panes and checks that solid colored fabrics can't hold a candle to.

The fabric in these pictures has a creamy base when worn with blue jeans or navy trousers.  But paired with cream trousers (above) looks grey.  The colors represented atop the base are a dusty olive and a blue that looks like a laundry detergent.  Easy colors to pair with navy and khaki.  But they're also versatile in regards to shirts and ties.

Upon looking closer, the blue is actually two blues; royal and sky.

Checked fabrics are, simply put, more exciting.  This jacket works with almost any blue shirt and almost any colored pant (black excluded).  Next time you're hunting for a sport coat that adds depth to your wardrobe, ask us for recommendations.