I was the kid who wore suspenders in my school pictures.  Who wore bow ties as soon as I could tie them properly.  I have been passionate about clothing for as long as I can remember.  But as I grew up, I realized that most clothes didn't fit me. My shoulders were uneven and too narrow.  My torso too long.  My waist too small.

So I had clothes made for myself.  And I was as equally enthralled with the process as I was with the outcome; which had less to do with the clothing, and more to do with my self-esteem.  When I turned my focus to others, each fitting became a mission to instill confidence in the wearer.  After nine years, I have fit over 4,000 men.

With that mission in mind, we created a place where a man can trust he'll walk out looking better than when he walked in.  

• Zach

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