Trousers can be ordered separately or with a suit.  Additionally, an extra set of trousers can be made when ordering a suit at a lower cost.

Trousers begin at $265.

Waistbands can be finished plainly, with belt loops or with side tabs (adjusters).  Every pair of pants is also finished with a fish-tailed split in the rear seam to decrease stress while sitting.  Pants can also be ordered in flat front or pleated style and with or without brace buttons.

Quarter-top, western top, on seam or jetted front pockets are available.  Additionally, there are 6 different rear pocket options.  Aside from the standard knee-length lining, a fully lined option can be chosen.

Pant bottoms can be finished plainly or with 2 different sizes of cuffs.  A heel guard is sewn into each hem regardless of finish.

Tuxedo pants can also be created by facing the out-seam in silk.  Satin and grosgrain options are available in black, navy, blue and off-white.