How to care for your BLVDier garments

We spend an inordinate amount of time designing and crafting a mindful product.  We want you to respect the clothing that moves from our hands to your back.  If you have pride in the building of the clothing, we believe you'll inherently take better care of it.  Below is a primer for how to do just that.



The rules of the trade

Dry clean your clothing as little as possible.  When you do, we suggest Davis Imperial or Barry-Regent.

The armpits of your shirt yellow due to the aluminum compounds in your deodorant.  Try this.

Keep an extra hanger in the office and car to give your jacket a break.

Moisture + wool + friction = pilling.  If you're sweating in your suit, try not to move until you cool down.

Starch, wire hangers and messenger bags are bad.  Steamers are great.

The tricks of the trade

Don't order the red sauce pasta if you're prone to spilling on yourself.

Graphite from a pencil is a great dry lubricant for a stuck zipper.

A paperclip makes a suitable collar stay.  Twist ties from bread make suitable cufflinks.

The inside of a banana peel can help shine your shoes in a pinch.

Learn how to sew a button on.  Shank it properly.

Dissolving aspirin or denture cleaner in water can help remove stains on a shirt.



Types of Stains

*We offer several stain resistant fabrics.

Coffee, Tea:  Rinse with peroxide, white vinegar or club soda.

Grease, oil: Blot excess oil with a napkin.  Work baking soda or cornstarch into stain to draw it out.  Launder with a heavy-duty detergent.  Pray.

Ink:  Douse with aerosol hairspray or rubbing alcohol and blot.  Sponge detergent on the stain before washing.

Lipstick:  Remove as much as possible with a dull knife.  Dab with baby wipes, then rinse with hot water to dissolve oils.

Tomato sauce:  Scrape off excess, then apply a mixture of cool water and liquid dish soap.  Blot stubborn stains with white vinegar.

Wine:  Blot with club soda and salt.  The salt helps prevent permanent staining while the carbonation lifts the stain out.

Blood:  Rub fabric against itself under cold water.  Avoid hot water; it will set the stain.

Static cling:  Get a metal/wire hanger and rub it along your pants.  It will remove the charge.