Suiting, Tuxedos & Jackets

Our suit jackets and sport coats come in either a half or fully canvassed construction. While mass produced jackets are typically fused, we opt for more a durable and mindful product.

Half canvassed suits start at $950 and fully canvassed suits at $1025. Jackets start at $650 and $725 respectively.

Included in your price will be choosing the type of closure and lapel of the jacket, such as a 2 button notched lapel option or a double breasted peaked lapel option. You'll also choose your button, lining and AMF stitch preference.

There are various pockets and detail options to customize as well. We offer monogramming options and 5 different shoulder pad choices.

Sleeves are finished with surgeon's cuffs and the body can be fully lined, half lined or deconstructed. 


Almost every facet of our shirts can be customized.  Both long and short sleeved options are available and shirts can be washed for a casual look. Most importantly, we offer 30 different collars, 15 different cuff styles and 28 button options.  

Shirts range from $150 - $235.

Our cuffs and collars can be constructed in a standard, soft, non-fused or hard finish. The wearer can also choose between 4 different placket styles for the front and sleeve.

Collar stays may be removable, permanent or left out altogether. Pocket, dart, pleat and yoke options are also customizable.

Tuxedo shirts can also be created with a pleated or pique bib.  Removable studs come with the shirt.

Shirts can be personalized with monograms or contrasting fabrics.     

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Trousers can be ordered separately or with a suit. Additionally, an extra set of trousers can be made when ordering a suit at a lower cost.

Trousers begin at $265.

Waistbands can be finished plainly, with belt loops or with side tabs (adjusters). Every pair of pants is also finished with a fish-tailed split in the rear seam to decrease stress while sitting. Pants can also be ordered in flat front or pleated style and with or without brace buttons.

Quarter-top, western top, on seam or jetted front pockets are available. Additionally, there are 6 different rear pocket options.  Aside from the standard knee-length lining, a fully lined option can be chosen.

Pant bottoms can be finished plainly or with 2 different sizes of cuffs. A heel guard is sewn into each hem regardless of finish.

Tuxedo pants can also be created by facing the out-seam in silk. Satin and grosgrain options are available in black, navy, blue and off-white.

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Waistcoats may be ordered as 'odd' or matching with a suit.  Welted and jetted pockets are available. Closure options include 6 buttons, 5 buttons or double breasted. We also offer a 4 button vest with lapel.

Waistcoat pricing begins at $175.

The back of the waistcoat can be made out of a chosen lining (with or without a buckle) or from the front fabric. An AMF stitch can also be applied. 

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