Almost every facet of our shirts can be customized.  Both long and short sleeved options are available and shirts can be washed for a casual look.  Most importantly, we offer 32 different collar and 15 different cuff styles.  

Shirts start at $150.

Our cuffs and collars can be constructed in a standard, soft, non-fused or hard finish.  The wearer can also choose between 4 different placket styles for the front and sleeve.

Collar stays may be removable, permanent or left out altogether.  Pocket, dart, pleat and yoke options are also customizable.

Tuxedo shirts can also be created with a pleated or pique bib.  Removable studs come with the shirt.

Shirts can be personalized with monograms or contrasting fabrics.  Handkerchiefs in a matching or contrasting fabric are also complimentary.