Women's Custom Tailoring

Men have been wearing suits for over 200 years. Women, on the other hand, have been wearing suits for less than 60 years.

The history of dressing, coupled with fashion and the evolution of textiles and clothing, makes for an interesting conversation. Boiled down: since women’s fashion, commanding men’s fashion twice over, moves at a much quicker pace, the idea of a garment being worn for years or even decades doesn’t fit within that framework. Men traditionally wear a suit for years and, if properly taken care of, decades. Women often wear garments only until styles change.

blvdier fall.jpg

To that end, custom tailored clothing for women has rarely been a part of the lexicon of fashion.

However, there’s no denying custom tailored clothing for women has a place in fashion. Custom clothiers, like ourselves, are making garments quicker than ever with the integrity and quality they deserve. And women’s bodies are deserving of a custom garment. The female form is to be flattered and one could argue that tailoring, as a craft, is better suited for that form.

What better way for a woman to have a wearable garment? A garment that fits and is styled to her liking?

As of today, BLVDier will begin offering custom tailoring for women. We will offer jackets, pants and skirts along with combinations of those garments. We’ve added more fabrics to our ever expanding collection that includes stretch based textiles for comfort.