Windowpane Suit

Arguably the boldest of suits, a windowpane patterned suit stands out above the rest. The pattern is typically taller than it is wider, giving the allusion of height. There are simple windowpane patterns and there are more complicated patterns. This Guabello Super 120 fabric has a dual windowpane pattern in two subtle colors, making it a mix of both.

The exciting part of a windowpane suit is the versatility. It can almost always be split up into separates. Wearing this particular jacket with a pair of grey trousers is a home run. Wearing these trousers with a grey sweater or a solid grey jacket is also ideal. However, there’s something satisfying about wearing the whole suit together. Something that, pun intended, separates it from the rest of the pack of solid suits.

It’s noisy. It’s almost always the loudest suit in the room. But when the fabric is of a certain quality, the styling of the suit is subdued and you accessorize properly, there’s no denying a windowpane suit is stylish.