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A luxury umbrella is easy to spot. Often times, especially here in Chicago, umbrellas are an afterthought. We buy them at the nearest convenience store and treat them like the disposable item they are marketed as. So when you see a great umbrella, you know it.

Fox Umbrellas is one of the oldest umbrella manufacturers on the planet, having made their first umbrellas with whalebone. Founded in 1868 in London by Thomas Fox, it wasn’t until the invention of steel tubing by Samuel Fox (no relation) that the company hit stride. Over 150 years later they are still renowned for their craftsmanship.

What makes a Fox Umbrella well made is the canopy fabric, steel tubing and taped seams. However, the things you first notice are the sturdiness of the hardwood handle and the magnificent sound the automatic umbrellas make when opened. Nothing about these umbrellas are inferior in quality.

We had Fox make us 2 umbrellas in 2 colors. We have the steel tube automatic umbrellas with 26 inch canopy in grey/black and navy/brown (pictured here) combinations. Our travel umbrellas are telescopic so as to fit in a briefcase or suitcase and come in the same color combinations with maple crook handles. We price them at $120 & $95 respectively. Available in store and by email (

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