The latest addition to our swatch collection is from Drago. Originally founded as a yarn maker, the Drago family sold yarn to the mills within Biella. From 1973 until 1993 they honed their craft and created some of the finest yarns, becoming one of the best in the business. After they acquired Lanificio Fintes, they merged the companies in 2001 and begin milling textiles under the Drago S.P.A. name.

We were fortunate enough to receive the first collection of swatches that Drago delivered to North America this season. The flagship Vantage³ collection is massive and consists of Super 130s yarns in a huge array of year-round patterns and solids. Additionally, the 210gr Solanus collection is perfect for the warm weather climate in the same 130s yarn. The stand out collection is the BlueFeel Super 140s swatches, that have a wrinkle and water resistant treatment to the yarns. Perhaps our favorite, the Cortina collection weighs 310gr and has a wonderful heft to the finished fabric.

As the only clothier in Chicago to have the collection, we’re proud to offer two piece suits from Drago from $1295-$1395. Additionally, Drago has a dedication to sustainability and transparency. Read about their process here.

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