For the longest time, we operated on a “given bottle” basis. We’d make a suit for an interview or for a wedding and the client would gift us something for the bar cart. Typically, we’d put the bottle in the back of the store and wait until that client came back in. We’d share a glass together and then it would go on the bar cart for other client’s to enjoy. At one point, we had roughly 16 bottles on hand.

We’ll still accept gifted spirits in the shop (😛). But recently, clients have seen a more unique set up on the bar cart. This March, Treaty Oak Distilling launched distribution in Chicago. BLVDier is proud to announce we exclusively feature all 6 spirits offered by Treaty Oak.

Photo by  Alex Maier

Photo by Alex Maier

Out of Dripping Springs, TX and from founder Daniel Barnes, Treaty Oak is a 13 year old distillery that shares the same ethos as BLVDier. They care just as much about who is drinking their spirits as what that person stands for. It isn’t just about whats in the glass, but the company sharing a drink. They care about transparency in their industry, being sustainable and, of course, having a good time.

BLVDier was founded 8 years after Treaty Oak, without knowing it was even around. But the shared similarities meant something to us. We want our clients to be hardworking, charitable and stylish. We want to break moulds in an otherwise cloudy industry. Our clients are men about town, as we have aptly named our company after them. We didn’t invent custom clothing like Treaty Oak didn’t invent distilling. But we can both carve out a new path so that the drinks in our client’s hands and the clothes on their backs are, well, better.

Next time you’re in the shop, ask for the Antique Gin (it’s Kirsten’s favorite) or the Red Handed Rye with a little smoked orange bitters and a cube of ice.