A mill that was started by Piero Perino in 1975, StylBiella has recently grown its swatch program to international markets.  Specifically in the last two years, they've entered the U.S. market, making their exclusively Italian cloths accessible to domestic clothiers.  Read more on their heritage here.

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They are one of the very few mills to make suiting, coating and shirting cloths which creates a one-stop shop of sorts.  We added their full book of shirting materials this month, as the only clothier in Chicago to offer the book.  Additionally, we carry their Palette, Perfection, Rainbow, Style, Noble Flannel, Cotton Life and Breath books.

Founder of StylBiella, Piero Perino.

Founder of StylBiella, Piero Perino.

The shirt swatches  are comprised of our finest fabrics and retail for $235.  Like all of our garments, pricing includes your customizations.  Already have your fit profile saved in our system?  Schedule a re-order here.