Made to Order Program

Our business has thrived with one-on-one interactions with our clients. We prefer to fit each individual in person at our shop so that we can ensure fit and design each garment to our standards.

As we come up to our 4th anniversary of being in business, we have now fit over 2300 people. We are consistently the most affordable custom clothing shop using a canvassed construction and European fabrics in the country. With that, we wanted to give those clients an even more convenient way to order clothing.

Our Made to Order Program is a platform where we have designed clothing to be, above all, versatile. We decided to start with 2 overcoats, 2 sport coats, 2 trousers and 2 shirts. They are the essentials that we believe belong in your closet. Starting now, you can buy them directly from our website.

When you place an order we’ll use your most recent fit profile. This is the most economically and environmentally sound way to buy clothing. These are garments that will fit the way you want them to fit and made one at a time. This way we eliminate the need to make dozens of styles of hundreds of garments just to have them hang in a storefront waiting to be sold. That is a wasteful and antiquated way to sell clothing. This program is the future.

As long as we have stock of the fabric, the garments will be produced in less than 30 days. Most times, we’ll have them finished in 20. You can pick them up at our store front or select to have them shipped to your home or office. Each garment is made to our normal standards and can be altered if necessary.

If you haven’t been fit in our store, you may schedule a 30 minute fit session with us. If you cannot visit our store, you may submit measurements for us to use to build a better garment than a typical off-the-rack piece.