A letter to grooms from a custom clothier Part 1

{Since being in this business 10 years, I venture to guess I've spoken with 750 grooms at one point or another.  This is a series highlighting those 750 conversations distilled to one.}

Alex & Nina • Photo by Nicodem Creative

There are dozens of way to make you look more like the second best dressed person at your wedding.  Your fiancé gets top billing.  Women have magazines, television shows and a social media platform dedicated to what to wear on their big day.  Men get shit on.  We might have a couple pages in a popular publication in a given year showcasing trends, but that's it.

On your wedding day, you'll have to make a conscious decision on what to put on every part of your body.  "Failing to plan is planning to fail."  So think about what you've enjoyed wearing in the past or that you'd like to wear in the future and write it down.  Save pictures to an album on your phone or computer.  Take a note from the bride and create a Pinterest page.  Whatever you need to do to organize your outfit, do it.  I've heard far too many regret stories from grooms.

Ask yourself a series of questions, predicated on the suit/tuxedo you've already decided to wear.  I start from the floor and go up.  Are you wearing loafers on your wedding day?  Lace ups?  Sneakers?  Opera pumps?  Plain socks?  Funky, patterned ones?  Braces?  Belt?  Cummerbund?  White shirt?  Patterned shirt?  Vest?  Cufflinks?  Watch?  Long tie?  Bow tie?  Pocket square?  Boutonnière?

Are you wearing your glasses?  Shaving your beard?  Aiming for a certain hair style?

The answers to all of those questions comprise your look, and ultimately your style, on your wedding day.  They can compliment your bride (or groom), make you look more or less formal, and even surprise people emotionally.   A lot of friends and family will see you at your wedding and in pictures for a long time afterwards.  It makes sense to be prepared by understanding your personal tastes in relation to current fashion etiquette.

Looking like a million dollars is one thing.  Feeling like a million dollars is another.  For your wedding, it's best to look and feel like a million bucks simultaneously.  When you see a man who has both of those elements, he's best described as "handsome."  And who doesn't want to be handsome?