Holland & Sherry's Dragonfly Fabric

Holland & Sherry is a storied mill of England.  They produce some of the best fabrics on the planet and have an incredibly diverse offering of swatch books.

We recently received the new spring/summer bunches and wanted to highlight one book in particular, the Dragonfly Ultra Lightweight Super 160's Worsted Suiting with AquArrêt®.

We chose to highlight the obvious water resistant quality of the fabric in this picture, however the fabric is also crease resistant.  At 200 grams, it is incredibly light weight and due to the plain weave, also very breathable.

Keep in mind water resistant also means cocktail/wine/blood resistant.  There are innumerable qualities to the Dragonfly collection but the performance aspect is unbeatable for the summer months.

This navy blue narrow split matt check fabric makes a great jacket but an even better suit.  Now available to order in advance of the warmer months.