In the two years we've been open, one of the most frequent questions we're asked is "Where does BLVDier come from?"

A boulevardier is, by definition, a man about town.  It was someone who strolled the streets of Paris, as the first known use of the word was in France circa 1871 and described a worldly and socially conscious man.

However, many people were first introduced to the word by the cocktail of the same name.  It is best explained by Imbibe, but the history surrounding the word went even deeper.  T-Magazine highlights that Erskinne Gwynne, who was the nephew of a Vanderbilt (of railroad fame), started a magazine called The Boulevardier after moving to Paris.  Being a regular at Harry's Bar Paris, Harry not only included an advertisement for Mr. Gwynne's magazine in his 1927 recipe book Barflies and Cocktails, he included the recipe for Mr. Gwynne's favorite drink and dubbed it a "boulevardier."  The recipe doesn't actually fall within the alphabetized listings, but instead falls on page 80 as seen here on the left.  The magazine ad is also shown below.

Next time you're in our shop, ask for the barreled, ready made version from High West.  If you'd like to buy a bottle, go see our friends at Foxtrot on Lake Street.

To try the stirred cocktail in its best form, ask Josh at Maude's Liquor Bar on Randolph to make the one featured on their menu.

Also, as to not be too serious about our name, we found this comic from George Price for your enjoyment.