Tie Collection

In the last few years, ties have fallen lower on the ladder of sartorial priority.  Selection at stores became messy, with exploded patterns, cheap silks and poor construction as the standard.  Certain brands started charging exuberant prices while others shaved away costs only to create misguided products.  There was no middle ground.

To combat the negative trends in the market, we wanted to create not only individual ties that were special but a unique line that could grow.  It started with finding the right manufacturer who could make up ties by hand in a myriad of finishes.  While it took time, we found a producer in Salerno, Italy that had the best combination of options, quality and price points; just like our suits.

We began carrying solid color Grenadine ties earlier this year with a larger plan in mind.  Grenadine fabrics are incredibly intricate and typically solid, so it made sense to start there.  Now, with our fabric collection expanded five-fold, we've laid out a textural grouping of the best ties we could create.

The Wool knit is extremely soft to the touch and is the staple of a wintry wardrobe.  We wanted rich colors that were earthy to ground the rest of the collection.

The Challis is a wool/silk blend that almost feels stretchy.  It's heftier than other challis fabrics and the artichoke color is by far the best of the entire collection.  We decided to self tip the back to keep the cost down.

The Tussah ties are muted in tone but shiny.  They're the dressiest of the group and create the best knots.  Both colors will go with any suit in your closet.

Lastly, the Shantung is the nicest tie we could carry.  It's dupioni texture is inimitable and exudes class.  We had these made with a hand rolled, untipped edge so the fabric can speak for itself.  It is our most expensive tie because it looks and feels like it.

The collection is limited and each tie comes in a reusable, branded canvas bag.